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You do not have adequate transportation, time or desire to move, and hate doing it? Maybe You simply do not have a driver's license? If You answered YES to any of these questions, all You have to do is to know our phone number - all of Your worries related to load transportation or moving will be removed. We are always ready to help You!   RMC MOVING has accumulated almost five years of experience, and offers quality work carried out by professional staff and guarantee of fast and secure services not only in Lithuania but also from/to many foreign countries. We can move Your items not only in Lithuania, but also throughout the EU, Russia and the USA. At Your convenience, we can load, unload, move and transport Your apartment, garden, office, cottage, farm or house furniture, equipment, household appliances and construction materials. Since we value Your schedule, and You need good quality of service, we will provide the services at Your convenient time, and make sure You do not have any concerns about anything.  


Is Your company professional in moving services?
Yes, we are professionals. Our business is registered in the Center of Registers and other public institutions. We employ only experienced specialists, who are qualified to not only carry items, but also pack them properly, load them into vehicles and place them in Your house/apartment without damaging its walls. Our vehicle park is not older than 2004, and has the company brand logo. Our employees are legally employed; they wear uniforms and are always polite and helpful.

How can I pay for Your services?
You can pay for our services in cash or in advance by bank transfer after You get a VAT invoice.

Is Your work guaranteed?
All the works performed are provided with the service quality guarantees. The guarantees are provided for all packing supplies. We sell only high quality packing supplies. All of our loading works have the civil liability insurance. The transported goods are covered with load transportation CMR insurance. Do not worry about Your belongings.

When do I have to reserve Your moving services?
You should reserve the services as early as possible so that we can arrange everything at Your convenient time.
You can reserve the service on the same day, and we will offer the earliest time available.
For large reservations exceeding two hours or more, we recommend You reserve the services a few days before.

Which countries do You provide Your moving services to?
We provide our moving services almost anywhere in the world. We can offer some moving solutions and provide full or partial moving services.

What is the minimum service reservation time?
The minimum service reservation time is one hour, when You order a smaller category cargo vehicle (up to 1.5 tons).

Do You work on weekends?
Yes, we are ready to provide You the services every day of the week.

How long do moving works take?
Each order is individual, so the time can be estimated only by our specialists who come to Your place and evaluate the quantity of items, access to an apartment, floor, moving distance, the way of packing, and the number of employees. It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours for two loaders to move five large furniture and necessary household items from and to third floor from a standard one-room apartment, and transport them up to 5 km distance. Our staff does not waste time - the loaders are interested in saving Your money and getting only positive evaluation.

How do You determine the limits of Vilnius City?
Extra kilometer fee is charged outside the districts of Vilnius: Didžioji Riešė, Žalieji Ežerai, Balsiai, Dvarčionys, Kairėnai, Galgiai, Naujoji Vilnia, Salininkai, Nemėžis, Rudamina, Juodšiliai, Pagiriai, Vaidotai, Aukštieji Paneriai, Trakų vokė, Grigiškės, Lentvaris, Rastinėnai, Sudervė.

How to distinguish professional movers?
The majority of moving companies or individuals working on patents in Lithuania (around 97%) have been developed by people, who have seen the process of moving, or were involved in it several times as loaders. It is not so difficult to identify such companies and individuals: most of them do not carry any packing supplies; packing is done using "Stretch" film, which can protect against dust at most. They provide neither documents that prove payment, nor guarantee of compensation for damaged furniture. Do You really need this?

Do You charge extra per floor and more items?
Our service time is calculated in hours and minutes; there is no additional fee. For example, if moving takes 50 minutes, You will be charged for one hour; if moving takes one hour and 20 minutes, You will be charged for one hour and 20 minutes. Minimum reservation time is one hour.

How much do You charge for exportation of old furniture?
Exportation of old furniture depends on the type furniture and quantity of items; also, handover fee in a large waste site is charged in addition to our hourly rate. Our staff does not leave Your old furniture at the waste containers, because such activity is considered an administrative offense.

We always appreciate Your opinion, so feel free to ask questions - we will answer all of them.


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