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You do not have adequate transportation, time or desire to move, and hate doing it? Maybe You simply do not have a driver's license? If You answered YES to any of these questions, all You have to do is to know our phone number - all of Your worries related to load transportation or moving will be removed. We are always ready to help You!   RMC MOVING has accumulated almost five years of experience, and offers quality work carried out by professional staff and guarantee of fast and secure services not only in Lithuania but also from/to many foreign countries. We can move Your items not only in Lithuania, but also throughout the EU, Russia and the USA. At Your convenience, we can load, unload, move and transport Your apartment, garden, office, cottage, farm or house furniture, equipment, household appliances and construction materials. Since we value Your schedule, and You need good quality of service, we will provide the services at Your convenient time, and make sure You do not have any concerns about anything.  
International moving

  International transportation

Tel. : +37068485407

We can transport Your personal belongings anywhere in Europe or other continent. We can pack, transport and unload Your items at Your new home. We cooperate with partners from more than 15 countries around the world, so we know how to move properly and arrange customs clearance.

  We organize a complete process of moving works

Tel : +37068485407

Estimate of work (route and vehicle selection, on-site inspection, order of moving supplies).
Delivering moving supplies to an object; precise determination of the date of packing and loading.
Furniture selection and packing.
Packing personal belongings (clothing, utensils, etc.).
Professional preparation for transportation of paintings and works of art; if necessary, we can make wooden containers or cardboard boxes under the specific measurements.
Representation in customs.
Assembly, unpacking and placing furniture and household items in their intended places.
Exportation of packing waste left after moving for utilization.
All our works performed and Your transported items are covered by loading works insurance, and CMR Insurance. You will not be concerned about moving!
Our goal is to be the best in Lithuania and Europe, so we strive for the highest world standards in our work!

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